Where I’ve Been.


Hey y’all!

I need to apologize because I have not been keeping up with my weekly blogs as I should have been. My life have changed a lot over the past few months and my path has been redirected a little.

I began my I’ll Wait ministy last year around this time and I am so happy to see how this ministry has grown. But most of all, I am excited to see how this ministry has grown me as a person. Weekly blogging has challenged me; traveling and speaking have pushed me out of my comfort zone. I’ll Wait has done wonders for me in my walk with the Lord and I can not wait to see how it continues to grow me in the years to come.

But the thing is, I’ll Wait is not just about me anymore. I will continue to give my honest opinion in my blogs and be open about what I am dealing with, but it goes deeper than what I think or how I feel.

Back in September, I won the Miss Coastal Alabama Pageant, a Miss Alabama preliminary pageant, and I will be competing for Miss Alabama in June 2016. My platform is Dating With Purpose which had its beginnings and is loosely based upon the purpose of I’ll Wait. Competing in the Miss Coastal Alabama Pageant opened my eyes to see that I’ll Wait was not reaching as big of an audience as I would like to. I created my platform Dating With Purpose because my goal and desire is to reach not just those within churches and youth groups, but also kids in public schools and people from all different walks of life. I wanted the topics I discuss in my platform presentation to be relatable to any person no matter the age, gender, or religion. I’ll Wait‘s purpose is still the same; my platform Dating With Purpose is just taking it a few steps further.

What I would like to do through my platform is address a gap I see in sex education in our schools. We teach about and discuss STDs, unplanned pregnancies, condoms, etc. but those topics only address the physical aspect of relationships. Through my platform and a presentation I have prepared, I plan to speak to middle and high schoolers not just about the physical aspect of relationships, but also the emotional and mental toll social dating can have on a person. Our slogan is “Expect Respect” and a core focus of my presentation is respecting yourself, respecting others, and expecting respect from those around us because every person is worthy and special.

So many young people in our culture are caught up in this drama cycle. They begin to date… They break up… They date… They break up. I have dealt with this same drama cycle myself and it is a draining experience. Social media only makes it worse.

When we are being drained in this drama cycle, our goals and aspirations suffer. Our grades drop, our family life dwindles, and we lose sight of what is really important.

Now, what is really important for a 7th-12th grader? Many different things: grades, ACT score, college, sports, music, family, etc. However, I think one of our main issues as a society is that we do not take relationships as seriously as we should. Dating relationships affect us for the rest of our lives on all sides- physically, emotionally and mentally.

In my future blogs, my writing may be a bit more academic, because dating is not just a “Christian issue”; it is something everyone deals with. My blogs will always be in line with Biblical principles, but I also want to offer up common sense, logical rationale based upon unbiased research that supports what I am advocating.

Now, what am I advocating? Through my platform, I am asking that instead of participating in this “drama cycle”, we date with purpose. Instead of dating due to societal pressures or because you are lonely or bored, you date because you are looking for a long-lasting relationship. You date someone because you see them as a possible husband or wife. Dating with purpose is not the norm in our culture, but I believe through the research I have done that it is the only way a person can have a successful, long-lasting, healthy relationship.

I am excited to enter into this new chapter of my life through my pageant platform and the title that I have received. In addition to revamping I’ll Wait, I have also created separate social media accounts for my platform Dating With Purpose so please like/follow to keep up with the different events and functions that will take place over the next 6 months leading up to the Miss Alabama Pageant.Social media info

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